Innovative steel
for a better engineered future

Steel for extreme performance

Ovako's steel cleanliness meets the performance demands of wind turbine applications such as gearboxes, transmissions, fasteners and bearings. Fatigue life is essential for low maintenance cost.

Power train / rotating elements

Ovako has a wide range of high performance steel products, which means that we can offer the optimal product for most power train applications and rotating elements. Our steel is used when extra performance is demanded, typically for parts in gearboxes and transmissions. We can offer our customers an edge when it comes to properties such as cleanliness, formability, machinability, high fatigue strength or hardenability. Our production systems are designed to meet the customers’ requirements for product optimization. We also have the resources for manufacturing pre-components in various stages. 

Steel for guiding and motion control

Ovako has expert knowledge of the demands on hydraulic applications within the wind power industry. We offer special solutions even for the most difficult conditions. We deliver special steel in the shape of bars and tubes for hydraulic pitch drives and components in the wind turbines. Our chrome plated bars are used in pistons. 

Fastening / anchoring

Wind turbine construction requires connecting elements and fasteners in order to anchor the wind turbine to the ground, to assemble the modules of the tower and to fasten the wings to the body. Ovako supplies steel for the manufacturing of bolts, inserts and, in case of offshore wind turbines, anchoring chains.

Video: Go for the wind

Video: Go for the wind