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M-Steel® – machine less, make more

M-Steel is a low alloyed, or non-alloyed, M-treated steel that is the ultimate choice when you need superior machinability combined with exceptional toughness and fatigue strength. It has proven its ability to achieve significant reductions in machining costs for component manufacturers which have replaced conventional steel with M-Steel. M-Steel enables higher cutting speeds and improved efficiency. Tests show that M-Steel can reduce machining costs by 30–40%, significantly boosting profitability.

The M-Steel concept

Our M-Steel treatment can be applied to any steel grade. The basis for the concept is that non-metallic inclusions are modified and controlled with calcium treatment. These inclusions are modified in a way to maximize machinability and to improve transverse fatigue strength. In this way, a protective layer is formed on the cutting tool during machining that very significantly reduces the wear on the tool and increases tool life. At every stage of the M-Steel production process the material is optimized to improve machinability, from raw material through melt, to casting, hot rolling and the final heat treatment. Individual delivery requirements can be met to supply your material in the best form for your machines in compliance with tight straightness and dimensional tolerances. M-steel has a consistent machinability from cast to cast, meaning that machines can be run with fixed high cutting rates and predictable tool change intervals from one production run to another.



How much can you save?

By replacing conventional steel with M-Steel it is possible to lower machining costs by 30-40%, boosting both your productivity and profitability. This is down to M-Steel's ability to facilitate faster run times through higher cutting speeds, more predictable and longer tool lives, and easier chip formation. More than 400 customers have already proven the manufacturing advantages of M-Steel, achieving significant reductions in machining costs for component manufacture.

Hard part turning at lower cost

The effect of using M-Steel is particularly pronounced in turning in very hard conditions using Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) inserts. Replacing traditional grinding of case- or induction-hardened surfaces with Hard Part Turning can mean very large cost savings, together with production lead time and quality improvements.

Ovako customer service

We work closely with our customers, advising on cutting data recommendations, choice of tools and quality assurance through machining tests to ensure the correct material grade an dimensional characteristics are selected for a given application.

M-Steel is available in a wide range of standard dimensions as round and square bars. Alternatively the material can be supplied to customer's requirements in compliance with tight dimensional tolerances. It can be supplied cut-to -length to fit the specific needs of individual machining centers.


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Key benefits

  • Reduced machining costs
  • Faster throughput - up to 30%
  • Zero production interruptions
  • Less resetting and fewer tool changes
  • Longer tool life
  • Increased production capacity


VIDEO: M-Steel in AMRC in Sheffield


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