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Meet our employees

What is it like to work for Ovako? Meet some of our employees in different areas and hear what they say.

Andreas Littorin, Production planning manager

Andreas Littorin is responsible for making sure the right quantity of materials arrive on time and at the right place in Hällefors. Here he talks about his fascination for steel and about working with management, development and technology.

The pace and the variety

Anneli Anhelm, Head of technical customer services and product development

Meet Anneli Anhelm, head of technical customer service and product development, who tried out a number of opportunities before she knew what she wanted to work with.

Developing the steel products of the future

Boel Schylander, Head of SHE

As head of SHE, Boel Schylander works directly with the future environment. Here she talks about her work with residual products, short decision paths and creating measurable environmental improvements.

Putting the environment high on the agenda

Gani Mohammed, Product specialist

One day Gani Mohammed can be in Germany, and the next in China. The role of product specialist means a global workplace and a strong focus on customer needs. Here he talks about how he abandoned his dreams of mechanical engineering studies in Germany for Borlänge, and how he benefits from Indian culture in the workplace.

Global coordinator

Helena Erkkilä, Head of the steel mill

Helena Erkkilä manages Ovako’s steel mill in Imatra. On her direct, but also convoluted, path here, she has been able to try a lot of different things. She has developed, and has been able to work closely with both production and customers. It is precisely this that she sees as the advantage of Ovako – no two days are alike.

No two days are alike

Janne Pirttijoki, Head of Ovako Imatra

Janne Pirttijoki found his place in the steel industry immediately after graduation, and has now been working with steel for over 20 years. The diversity of the sector has given him broad experience in various fields, which he can now draw on as head of the Ovako Imatra business unit.

An industry with many opportunities

Johnny Vilonen, Scrap grader

Johnny Vilonen faces a new management role. He currently works full time at the Smedjebacken scrap yard, but will soon take over from his boss, who is retiring.

Still have a lot left to learn

Kari Välimaa, Group Technical Specialist. Advancement in continuous casting

When Kari Välimaa was appointed Group Technical Specialist a few years ago, he was the first at Ovako with that role. As a specialist, he has developed cooperation with other units in the group, identified better working practices, smoother processes, and improved the steel grades.

Specialist in continuous development

Per Israelsson, Site & Production Manager at Ovako in Boxholm

Mechanical engineer Per Israelsson never hesitates when presented with new challenges and new responsibilities. He has held four positions in seven years, and immediately accepted when offered the job of rolling mill manager at the age of 25. Per talks about a sense of belonging, being seen in the organization, and always having opportunities for development.

There is no danger of getting lost in the crowd

Viktor Dahlqvist, Section manager at Ovako in Hofors

Viktor Dahlqvist’s first task at Ovako resulted in investment of 30 million. He was also still a student, a newcomer to steel, and pretty nervous. He talks about getting a significant role from day one, creating his own agenda, and about his current job as head of section.

Self-motivated problem solver



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