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Our industrial experience

Ovako has extensive experience in supplying steel for an array of demanding applications, from agricultural equipment and power train components to bearings for wind turbines. As a result we are able to apply our knowledge from each field to benefit customers in other industries.



Ovako supplies different grades of boron steel for agricultural machines, such as plows and many other products where wear resistance is a critical issue.

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Engines and Drivelines

OvaX high performance steels from Ovako are designed for motorsport applications combining high cleanliness with durability to achieve the best performance at peak operating levels.

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Bearings have a service life bordering on the infinite. Ovako provides bearing quality clean steel to many of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world.

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Light and heavy vehicles

Ovako meets and exceeds growing industry demands for smaller and lighter components that can bear greater loads and stresses without compromising cost efficiency.

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General Engineering

Our service centers offer products with a wide grade assortment, range and availability as well as high performance, backed up by a sales force skilled at understanding our customers' needs.

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Ovakos Cromax, Nikrom and Ovahyd are used for the manufacture of piston rods, pistons and eyes for hydraulic cylinders. The quality of the coating is essential for long service life.

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Mining and Construction

Rock drilling equipment and tools require steels with a high degree of toughness that can withstand extreme stress. Ovako has a strong tradition in this field supplying products with superior fatigue and wear resistance.

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Oil and Gas

Ovako products end up in many products tailored for oil and gas environment.

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Ovako's round special properties bar is used for railway clips. There are strict demands on steel properties to keep the rails in place.


Ovako's steel cleanliness meets the demands of wind turbine applications such as gearboxes, transmissions, fasteners and bearings. Fatigue life is essential for low maintenance cost.

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