Innovative steel
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Maximize fatigue strength and be sustainable at the same time

We are living in a demanding world. Like never before, the pressure is on to reduce fuel consumption and cut emissions – while still maintaining high performance. This global trend is causing a fundamental rethink of engineering standards and the use of steel material for smaller, lighter and more powerful gears, driveshafts and other parts.

Not only do you need to meet new regulatory requirements, but your steel parts need to keep on going virtually forever. No fatigue cracks. No internal defects. No detrimental inclusions.Just smooth operation. But when selecting the right steel quality for high-load applications, it’s not always easy to know all the functional properties as well as the cost versus quality implications.

Your partner
This is where knowledge and experience come into play. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of through-hardening bearing steels, we pride ourselves on working as a true partner to our customers. It’s all about taking a customized approach to each customer’s needs.

Customers tell us they appreciate our more comprehensive approach to accelerating business results. Some have Six Sigma programs that measure quality-related parameters and strive for near perfection in their own operations. It’s a disciplined, data-driven approach that appeals to us, too, since it’s in our nature to constantly monitor and improve our steelmaking process.

Optimized for your needs

Maximizing performance requires an in-depth knowledge of how the steelmaking process can influence the steel properties. Our through-hardening BQ-Steel are optimized for high fatigue strength, good toughness and excellent wear resistance. Each production step is controlled with a high degree of precision to minimize the content of harmful non-metallic inclusions.

We improve fatigue strength by carefully controlling cleanliness and using key technologies such as magnetic induction stirring and vacuum degassing in the secondary metallurgy, as well as controlled casting. The process may vary slightly depending on the grade, but our objective remains the same: to produce pure steel with an optimized balance between quality and economy.

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