Innovative steel
for a better engineered future

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Never bend under pressure

Ovako meets and exceeds growing industry demands for smaller and lighter components that can bear greater loads and stresses without compromising cost efficiency.

Heavy automotive

Our steels are used in the production of heavy automotive applications:
  • forges
  • crank shafts
  • front and rear axels
  • beams
  • gear wheels
  • wheel suspensions
  • engine components
  • gearboxes.

Light Automotive

In the production of lighter automotive applications our steels are typically found in:
  • gear wheels
  • suspensions
  • engine components. 

Engines and drivelines

IQ-Steel high performance steels from Ovako are designed for motorsport applications combining high cleanliness with durability to achieve the best performance at peak operation levels.

IQ-Steel X-grades for autosport applications cover surface-hardening steels, air-hardening steels and bearing through-hardening steels. Read more




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