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Standard steel grades

At Ovako, we not only make high-quality steel products. Our priority is to find the best solutions for your requirements as your technical partner and collaborator.

Ovako is dedicated to working with you to help better understand your technical requirements and assist you in attaining sharp competitive advantages across your operations. You can gain our expertise, services and our infrastructure which are so crucial to controlling the purity, hardenability, machinability and lifecycles of our steels.

Ovako has total control of its production from melt to finished product, in order to supply you with low-alloy steels for your unique requirements when you want them. W continually develop our services and solutions to offer ever more consistent and optimised steel performance.

  • Through-hardening bearing steel
  • Spring steel
  • Case-hardening steel
  • General structural steel
  • Boron steel
  • Quenching and tempering steel

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