Innovative steel
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Bearing quality clean steel

Bearings have a service life bordering on the infinite. Ovako provides bearing quality clean steel to many of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world.

Control from start to finish

Ovako is a fully integrated bearing steel producer. We control the whole chain of production, from melting the steel through rolling to producing a finished component. Our product range of tube, bar and ring accommodates all the main components of a rolling bearing. We meet all the requirements specified irrespective of the type of steel used for rolling bearing manufacture.

Customisation to each customer's needs

Our objective is to be a true partner to our customers, from both a technical and business point of view. Our technical specialists are dedicated to working closely with our customers. This allows us to optimise the use of steel both from a product and a production perspective. We can develop new and better steels, tailor-make products and improve machinability and heat treatment responses.

By co-operating with our key customers we are able to establish long-term business agreements and customise logistical and EDI solutions. We support them in their global sourcing strategies and contribute with multiple product packages that keep administration to a minimum.

Outstanding Quality

All our activities aim at producing and delivering products and services to fulfil customers' needs. Our quality policy and comprehensive quality assurance help us to achieve the highest standards.


Steel grades

Ovako mainly produces through-hardening steels for bearing applications. We also produce a significant quantity of carburising steel grades for this application.